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DayPickerInput API

Use the DayPickerInput component to render an input field opening the DayPicker in an overlay.

import DayPickerInput from 'react-day-picker/DayPickerInput';

Component’s Props

<DayPickerInput /> accepts all the props accepted by a standard <input/>, plus the following ones:


Type: Object<String>

Customize the CSS class names used when rendering the component.

The object expects the following keys:

  container,            // The container element
  overlayWrapper,       // The overlay's wrapper
  overlay,              // The overlay's container


Type: Boolean Default: false

Unselect and clear the input when clicking on a previously selected day.


Type: String|React.Component|React.PureComponent Default: input

The component class to render the input field. The component must be compatible with the standard HTML inputs: i.e. it should support the onChange, onFocus, onKeyUp, onClick and onBlur and the focus props.

If your custom component doesn’t support such props, wrap it in a component contaning them. For example:

import React from 'react';
import { DayPickerInput } from 'react-day-picker';
import MyInputWithoutFocus from './MyInputWithoutFocus';

class MyInputWithFocus extends React.Component {
  focus = () => {
  render() {
    return (
        ref={el => (this.input = el)} 

function MyDayPickerInput(props) {
  return <DayPickerInput component={MyInputWithFocus} />


Type: Object Default: {}

The DayPicker props to customize the DayPicker rendered in the overlay.

Note that the selectedDays prop, the numberOfMonths prop and the selected modifier are handled by this component, thus they will be ignored.


Type: String|Array<String> Default: L

The format strings used for parsing the date entered in the input field. It accepts all the format strings used by moment.js.


Type: Boolean Default: true

Hides the overlay when the user clicks on a day cell.


Type: (day: date, modifiers: Object) => void

Handler function called when the user types a valid day (according to the format prop) or when a day is clicked on the calendar.

If the day is not valid, day and modifiers arguments will be undefined (useful to display validation warnings).

Component’s methods


Signature () ⇒ undefined

Show the Day Picker overlay.


Signature () ⇒ undefined

Hide the Day Picker overlay.