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  • changed: use aria-disabled instead of disabled attribute in buttons (#1451)
  • fixed: focus navigation breaks with disabled days (#1451)


  • changed: add src directory to the package for better source maps


  • fix: toMonth prop to include the full month (#1429)
  • changed: better date-fns import should improve tree-shaking (#1436)
  • changed: removed browser entry in package.json (#1436)


  • new: added weekStartsOn prop (#1422)
  • new: split the Caption components into CaptionDropdowns and CaptionNavigation components. This change should make easier to customize the caption. (#1426)


  • changed: added React 18 to the peer dependencies


This version introduces breaking changes and it is mostly incompatible with v7. See the redesigned website for more details.

Notable changes

  • native TypeScript support
  • selection modes: single, multiple, range
  • added date-fns library as peer dependecy
  • replaced DayPickerInput component with useInput hook
  • improved ARIA support

See also: ➡️ Upgrading from v7.

Older changelog

See /v7/ for the changelog of versions before 8.