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Function: DayPicker

DayPicker(props): JSX.Element

DayPicker render a date picker component to let users pick dates from a calendar. See for updated documentation and examples.


DayPicker offers different customization props. For example,

  • show multiple months using numberOfMonths
  • display a dropdown to navigate the months via captionLayout
  • display the week numbers with showWeekNumbers
  • disable or hide days with disabled or hidden

Controlling the months

Change the initially displayed month using the defaultMonth prop. The displayed months are controlled by DayPicker and stored in its internal state. To control the months yourself, use month instead of defaultMonth and use the onMonthChange event to set it.

To limit the months the user can navigate to, use fromDate/fromMonth/fromYear or toDate/toMonth/toYear.

Selection modes

DayPicker supports different selection mode that can be toggled using the mode prop:

  • mode="single": only one day can be selected. Use required to make the selection required. Use the onSelect event handler to get the selected days.
  • mode="multiple": users can select one or more days. Limit the amount of days that can be selected with the min or the max props.
  • mode="range": users can select a range of days. Limit the amount of days in the range with the min or the max props.
  • mode="default" (default): the built-in selections are disabled. Implement your own selection mode with onDayClick.

The selection modes should cover the most common use cases. In case you need a more refined way of selecting days, use mode="default". Use the selected props and add the day event handlers to add/remove days from the selection.


A modifier represents different styles or states for the days displayed in the calendar (like "selected" or "disabled"). Define custom modifiers using the modifiers prop.

Formatters and custom component

You can customize how the content is displayed in the date picker by using either the formatters or replacing the internal components.

For the most common cases you want to use the formatters prop to change how the content is formatted in the calendar. Use the components prop to replace the internal components, like the navigation icons.


DayPicker comes with a default, basic style in react-day-picker/style – use it as template for your own style.

If you are using CSS modules, pass the imported styles object the classNames props.

You can also style the elements via inline styles using the styles prop.

Form fields

If you need to bind the date picker to a form field, you can use the useInput hooks for a basic behavior. See the useInput source as an example to bind the date picker with form fields.


To localize DayPicker, import the locale from date-fns package and use the locale prop.

For example, to use Spanish locale:

import { es } from 'date-fns/locale';
<DayPicker locale={es} />


propsDayPickerMultipleProps | DayPickerDefaultProps | DayPickerSingleProps | DayPickerRangeProps



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