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Upgrading from v7

v8 is a mayor upgrade for DayPicker with new props and styles. We include here a quick reference for helping the upgrade from v7.

v7 is frozen

v7 is frozen and there are no plans for updating it. If you have bugs or feature requests, please consider to upgrade to v8. The legacy documentation for v7 can be found at

How to upgrade to v8

  1. upgrade the dependency
    npm install react-day-picker@latest
  2. remove the types package if you were using it
    npm uninstall @types/react-day-picker
  3. update the CSS import: the stylesheet has been moved to /dist. For example:
    - import `react-day-picker/lib/style.css`
    + import `react-day-picker/dist/style.css`
  4. update your custom styles. See Styling DayPicker for more information.
  5. update the changed props. See the list below.

Updated Props

  • showWeekNumbers has been renamed to showWeekNumber
  • todayButton has been removed. See Controlling the current month for an example implementing the same feature.
  • initialMonth has been renamed to defaultMonth. See Navigating months for more details about using month and defaultMonth.
  • canChangeMonth has been renamed to disableNavigation
  • selectedDays has been renamed to selected. See also: Selecting Days guide.
  • disabledDays has been renamed to disabled. See also: Disabling days.


The DayPickerInput component has been removed. If you upgrade to v8, you will need to rewrite your implementation: