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Type alias: FocusContextValue

Ƭ FocusContextValue: Object

Represents the value of the FocusContext.

Type declaration

blur() => voidBlur the focused day.
focus(day: Date) => voidFocus a day.
focusDayAfter() => voidFocus the day after the focused day.
focusDayBefore() => voidFocus the day before the focused day.
focusEndOfWeek() => void-
focusMonthAfter() => void-
focusMonthBefore() => void-
focusStartOfWeek() => void-
focusTargetDate | undefinedDay that will be focused.
focusWeekAfter() => voidFocus the day in the week after the focused day.
focusWeekBefore() => voidFocus the day in the week before the focused day.
focusYearAfter() => void-
focusYearBefore() => void-
focusedDayDate | undefinedThe day currently focused.

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