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Type alias: StyledElement<T>

Ƭ StyledElement<T>: Object

The style (either via class names or via in-line styles) of an element.

Type parameters

Tstring | CSSProperties

Type declaration

buttonTThe buttons.
button_resetTThe style for resetting the buttons.
captionTThe caption (showing the calendar heading and the navigation)
caption_betweenTThe caption when between two months (when multipleMonths > 2).
caption_dropdownsTThe drop-downs container.
caption_endTThe caption when at the end of a series of months.
caption_labelTThe caption label.
caption_startTThe caption when at the start of a series of months.
cellTThe table cell containing the day element.
dayTThe day element: it is a span when not interactive, a button otherwise.
day_disabledTThe day when disabled.
day_hiddenTThe day when hidden.
day_outsideTThe day when outside the month.
day_range_endTThe day when at the end of a selected range.
day_range_middleTThe day in the middle of a selected range: it does not include the "from" and the "to" days.
day_range_startTThe day when at the start of a selected range.
day_selectedTThe day when selected.
day_todayTThe day when today.
dropdownTThe drop-down (select) element.
dropdown_iconTThe drop-down icon.
dropdown_monthTThe drop-down to change the month.
dropdown_yearTThe drop-down to change the year.
headTThe table’s head.
head_cellTThe head cell.
head_rowTThe row in the head.
monthTThe table wrapper.
monthsTThe months wrapper.
multiple_monthsTThe root element when numberOfMonths > 1.
navTThe navigation container.
nav_buttonTThe navigation button.
nav_button_nextTThe "next month" navigation button.
nav_button_previousTThe "previous month" navigation button.
nav_iconTThe icon for the navigation button.
rootTThe root element.
rowTThe table’s row.
tableTTable containing the monthly calendar.
tbodyTThe table body.
tfootTThe table footer.
vhiddenTThe style of an element visually hidden.
weeknumberTThe weeknumber displayed in the column.
with_weeknumberTThe root element when showWeekNumber={true}.

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